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  Guidelines For Growth: 1) Introduction

Waith: The Guidelines for Growth serves as our statement of purpose and the umbrella of the search for self, which is our definitive guidance mechanism.

Our guidance is about bringing balance between abstract and concrete. We are here to help you to understand the spiritual precepts of your own path ~ how you can apply those precepts and the tools by which you can apply them ~ and how you can analyze what you have done.

The Guidelines for Growth is the Essence of Waith’s Message …

Guidelines for Growth

Respect Self

Love Self

Respect Others

Love Others

Be of Service to Self

Be of Service to Others

Be Joyful

Be Serious

Be Single of Purpose

Be Unified in Purpose

When we first gave The Guidelines, someone referred to them as, Waith’s Commandments, to which we replied that we did not intend for The Guidelines to be referred to in that way because commandments imply, “You must do this!” Our Guidelines for Growth, however, indicate a much more fluid responsibility within Self.

The Guidelines are meant to be a tool for balancing, for in its very outline it is Self and it is Others. It is the great balance and the line that each of you has within Self for your own balance. This is what the Search for Self is about ~ to find that line and to move that line as you increase in your own awareness because of the discovery within Self.

The Guidelines for Growth is a process ~
each of the items listed is not mutually exclusive.
It has no beginning, it has no end
and, yet, it must begin somewhere.
Where does it begin?

Learner: It begins with me inwardly because I had to read the list in some other level of Self.

Waith: It is the paradox of the concrete and the abstract ~ where does it begin? Did it begin in the abstract dimension and come into the concrete dimension or did it begin in the concrete and feed back into the abstract? The answer is yes!

We bring this out initially because many people would say, “Where does it begin?” It would seem logical that it begins at the beginning, which is the first line item ~ Respect Self. Is that necessarily true? Is that the beginning?

Learner: Everything is simultaneous and everything is individual so there can be no beginning and end.

Waith: Yes, for we are discussing a circle. So, where do you begin if you are in a circle?

Learner: Anywhere!

Waith: So that means, then, that you might begin simply by being joyful?

Learner: One can’t be without the other, so it is simultaneous.

Waith: So, you are being everything at the same time?

Learner: If I was speaking to someone in a concrete manner and they asked, “Where should I start?” I could say, “Start somewhere, simply start!” On an abstract level I would say there is no beginning and no end ~ once again the two sides of it.

Waith: At the concrete, you want to have a beginning ~ to be able to say, “Of course, we start with Respect Self,” and then everything else works from it ~ from a linear standpoint. At the same time, you are dealing with the nonlinear and this is the search within Self ~ to understand linear and nonlinear.

You live in a very small portion of your own energy ~ and that is linear. Most of your energy is nonlinear.

You have manifested in this dimension of Self with The Mass Consciousness ~ and with others who have manifested in this dimension of Self that is concrete. You have all bought the same line, if you will ~ you all agree that there is a beginning and an end in this dimension. No other dimension of Self, as it relates to this dimension, is linear.