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  Guidelines For Growth: 2) Respect Self

Waith: Respect Self is a powerful statement. You have brought into this concrete dimension of Self, awarenesses from your other dimensions of Self that are nonlinear that have already been involved in all of those activities that are listed in The Guidelines.

Think of it as if it were a Ferris Wheel that is moving around and it comes to the point where you need to get off. It brings you to the docking point ~ you are still in a circle and you have been experiencing the movement around and around and it is time now to get off, and out of, the circle.

The point, in the concrete, that you get off the nonlinear circle is Respect Self. That is why we have given the Guidelines for Growth in the way that we have ~ a beginning and an end and yet a circle. This means, then, that you begin with Respect Self as you exist in this concrete, linear dimension, and that is what you must balance ~ linear and nonlinear.

Following that particular thought process, then, you find yourself at the next point, which is what?

Learner: Love!

Waith: Yes, Love Self.